NLR First Pentecostal Church

NLR First Pentecostal Church

First Pentecostal Church

On May 25th the residents, instructors, and families of John 3:16 Ministries traveled to North Little Rock to attend a Sunday afternoon service at First Pentecostal Church.

The church accepted us with open arms and really showed off how much Jesus is in that place. The majority of our guys had never been to a Pentecostal church so they were in for a treat. The service started with different kids’ groups from the church getting on stage and singing praise and worship.

After the kids sang, the main band played music and sang songs of worship while some of the members of the church went to the front of the stage and jumped up and down praising God. The crowd was lively especially during the 20-minute long song called “Breakthrough”. Men and women of the church ran up and down the aisles letting the Holy Spirit move through them. Praise and worship lasted an hour or so.

Brother Holmes then got on stage to deliver a message on letting our lights shine brightly for Jesus Christ. He even gave a demonstration on the power of different lights. The members turned off all the lights in the chapel and brother Holmes had a three light bulbs that he turned on to give us an example of the different intensities of light. The message was presented beautifully and kept everyone’s attention.

Then the band got back on stage for one more song and all of the members of our ministry joined members of their church in front of the stage and prayed for one another. Arms were stretched out the entire night giving all of the glory to God.

After an amazing night of praise and worship, John 3:16 Ministries cooked and served catfish and chicken for the whole group. The members joined one another for fellowshipping in the dining hall.

“I went there seeking a new experience but had no idea the unforgettable breakthrough I would have,” said resident Zac Reynolds about the experience.