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It is by donations and the work that we do that allows us to continue to teach men The Cure

John 3:16 Ministries is dedicated to helping men get off of drugs and alcohol and teaching them how to live life for Jesus Christ. For men who are ready to get their life together, John 3:16 Ministries is available completely free of charge. Jesus Christ has already paid the price. We are not state or federally affiliated, and rely on donations from businesses, individuals, churches and others. It is estimated that it costs $42 per day to provide for the needs of one man. For a six-month stay, $7,560 is required per man. For the camp’s average residency of 185 men, the ministry requires a little over $2.4 million to operate per year. John 3:16 Ministries has been helping restore families and the lives of men through Jesus Christ since 2003. We prayerfully ask you to partner with us in this calling.  God bless you!

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