Projects: Graduate Testimonies

Chad Ashburn

My name is Chad Douglas Ashburn, or just “Douglas”. Before I went to John 3:16 I was addicted to meth and my life was in complete darkness and chaos. I was...

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James Loy

My name is James A. Loy. I was born on February 10, 1965 on Ramey Air Force Base in San Juan, Puerto Rico to Master Tech Sergeant Jerald Richard Loy and...

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Adam Acuff

I was raised in a Christian school, home and atmosphere.  I knew God and believed in Him.  I was working as a nurse and things were great.  In 2006 my entire...

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Josh Huskey

My name is Joshua Huskey. I am from Tuckerman, Arkansas. I arrived at the ministry in November 2006, after my life reached rock bottom. I started doing drugs...

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