John 3:16 worship services are unlike any other. We invite you to join us Sunday mornings at 9:45 as the praise and worship team, comprised of camp residents and instructors, lead us in a variety of popular songs you know and love.

Most Sunday services include the graduation of men who have completed our 6 to 12-month program. These emotional graduation ceremonies will give you insight into how Jesus has worked in not only the graduate’s life but in the lives of their friends and family.

Those wishing to join our camp as a resident should remain in the chapel after service to begin the interview process.

Jesus is saving lives at John 3:16 Ministries. While we encourage you to join us each Sunday morning, we understand if you are not able to make it every week. Because so, we are happy to feature segments of each service. Enjoy!

4-26-20 Graduation Slide Show

Praise Reports 4/19/2020

Graduation Ceremony 4/12/2020

Praise Reports 3/30/2020 & 4/5/2020

3/30/2020 Graduation Videos

Monday Night Bible Study


Every Monday night our residents and instructors gather in our multi-purpose building for praise and worship, followed by an instructor lead bible study. Once a month we feature a guest speaker who is a graduate of our program. These graduates are able to share with our men what their lives were like before John 3:16, how their acceptance of Christ has changed their lives, and what their lives are like now.

Brent Waugh April, 20th 2020

Brent is 31 years old and has been at the ministry since 2017. Shortly before coming to the ministry Brent had hit his personal rock bottom. “Before coming to John 3:16 I was narcissistic and very selfish. “But I know what it means to be set free.” Brent is happy to share his past with these men in hopes that they may relate to his struggles and come to find salvation in Christ, as he has. 


Brent’s bible study focused on the Book of Jonah. Jonah is the central figure of the Book of Jonah, in which he is called upon by God to travel to Nineveh and warn its residents of impending divine wrath. “Just like every man in this room, Jonah ran from his responsibility” said Brent. 


Brent is yet another example of how Christ can take a broken man and not only heal him, but use him to heal others and draw them closer to himself.

Key Verses: Isaiah 6:8, 2 Timothy 4:3, Jeremiah 29:11, Jeremiah 29:13

James Ashley April, 13th 2020

James Ashley is 52 years old and has been an instructor since graduating from the program in 2007. James shared with the men his lack of understanding of the bible before coming to John 3:16. “I actually thought Christ was Jesus’ last name”, said James. James encouraged the men to read different versions of the bible and find a version they are comfortable reading. 

James has dedicated his life to serving Christ and to helping men overcome drug and alcohol addictions through Christ. We thank you James for your humble service.

Key Verses: James 1:22, Genesis 9: 12-17

David Ray April, 6th 2020

David Ray is 60 years old and a 2009 graduate of John 3:16. During his testimony, David Ray shared with the men that “If I would not have come to John 3:16 I would have ended up in jail or prison”. After completing the program David Ray stayed on as an instructor for 10 years. We love David and thank him for all he has done and continues to do for the men of John 3:16.

Key Verses: James 1:22-24, Romans 12:1-2