We fear no more! Today is Saturday April 4th 2020 and while the rest of the world is focusing on viruses and fear. Ours remains of Jesus. Today we are having a blast. Everyone here is healthy with a sound mind. We started our day with a Camp Photo followed by worship and prayer. After worship we met in the Sunday dining room where we gave praise reports for things we are greatful for that the Lord our God has delivered us from.We continued the day by having a drawing where each resident had a chance to win John 3:16 shirts and hats as well as gift cards. Each resident recieved a pocket knife of their choice and then things got interesting. We had a egg eating challenge that was “optional” where residents gulped down 2 raw eggs and then ate 1 pickled egg. We lauged and ours stomachs may have had a few aches  but our hearts were filled with Joy, Love, and Peace. For lunch Mazzios pizza was delivered there was a great variety of toppings with Chocolate, Vanilla, and Rocky Road Ice Cream. Below are pictures of the day. We want to thank all the residents, famlies, and supporters for all you do for us. We love each and every one of you. Everyone is in our prayers.

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