First I must say, praise our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, who by his grace and fierce and furious love opens the eyes of our heart. He brings us into the full light of understanding and wisdom through our endurance and obedience to his word, and our continual pattern of self-denial. Knowing that we are eternal beings and that our every word was destined for eternity, therefore we have been enlightened to the urgency of knowing our Father, through our savior Jesus Christ. Who has set us free from every form of bondage to sin, that is full of grace and mercy in every circumstance, and who has called me out of the pit, and into his loving arms. Praise Jesus our king! I can think of no better way to start a testimony than praising the one who allowed my testimony to be one of freedom and reconciliation. It is my hope that my testimony may indeed bring encouragement and by the Holy Spirit, freedom to the reader.
My name is Nolan Stafford and I graduated John 3:16 on August 24, 2014, which marks the birthday of my new life in the world. To make short my adventures in the wilderness of darkness and deep miry pits short, I was an extremely unstable person to say the least. No one drug or alcoholic beverage ever really suited me, although amphetamines stole most of me. I almost destroyed every single relationship I had. Often fits of rage and destruction followed me, many wrecks and much chaos. Jesus many times delivered me out of the hands of death. I just didn’t know it was him at the time. My mother, God bless her, has been a witness to much of this. One of the last few things she witnessed before my leaving for John 3:16 was me screaming with a 9mm to my head, the hammer half back, and the enemy encouraging me, but Father’s voice was louder. So l truly believe, it is by the grace of God that l am typing this testimony.

Since John 3:16 it has been an adventure. It’s hard to believe I ever was that old man. Jesus has truly made me new; my mind is free of all the terrors it once carried. He has restored my family. I had the privilege of baptizing my brother, and he is now fully dedicated to the Lord. My dad has now returned to the Lord after many years of wandering, my mother now has her many prayers answered, and I have much of my extended family returning to the Lord. He truly is a God of restoration! He continues to show himself mighty every day. From old friends to new, he is using me to show his love, and I am truly grateful.

This year I have moved back to my hometown of Springfield, and am planning to attend DSSM, which is a school of supernatural ministry. Since Jesus set me free I can think of nothing else but to work for him in ministry. With what I learned at John 3:16, and in personal time with Father, I have been able to spread his love to many. I recently had the opportunity to preach to over 3,000 people via livestream Internet. It was a blessing beyond description. There truly is nothing that burns on my heart more than to spread the gospel and tell people of the gift that has freely been given to me. I know so many people are bound to sin, stuck in addiction, depressed with no hope, and we carry the answer to all of their problems and struggles. His name is Jesus! I want my life to be nothing more than a testimony of his love. My brother and I, along with some very devoted friends as well, have much hope of starting a ministry this year completely devoted to evangelizing to the lost and equipping the saints. Discipleship burns on my heart, for God’s children to have guidance, and know the promises over their lives. To truly see the hand of God move and to come to the truth and knowing that the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in them. That the Holy Spirit is ready and willing to walk with them through any fire, and I promise if you burn in relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit, there is no way to fall back into the ways of the world. God bless you all. Jesus is so amazing, he will never fail you, he will never leave you, his power is mighty, the Holy Spirit is his free gift. You are amazing! Jesus loves you so much! Blessings!