Monday Night Bible Study

Brent Waugh April, 20th 2020

Every Monday Night all the Residents and Instructors gather togther in Chapel at the Multi-Purpose. Every bible study starts with a few songs to praise and worship our God and Lord Jesus Christ. Monday night bible studies are given by a diferent instructor each week. Once a month a graduate comes back to the camp to share with the men the word of God and how it applies to his life. Brent is 30 years of age and has been at the ministry for three years. This Monday night Brent and the Men started bible out with three songs the first song was Red letters by David Crowder followed by Give me Jesus and The Goodness of God. Before coming to the ministry Brent came to a point where he didn’t want to live anymore. “I used drugs so I didn’t have to deal with feeling anymore.” “I was self centered, narcissistic, and selfish my whole live before I came to the Ministry.” He said this in hope that atleast one man could relate to his past so that they could see what God through Jesus Christ had delivered him from. He was bound by his own afflictions. “But I know what it means to be set free.” Jonah is Brent’s favorite book a prophet who was to carry a message for God. He was called by God and ran away. “Just like every man in the room.” Like Jonah we were sinking in to bottom of the ocean, but then God said no your not.” Brent knows he is called by God to help Men like himself recover from drug and alcohol addiction. We love Brent Waugh he is a inspiration to us all and a wonderful teacher, and example. 

Key Verses: Isaiah 6:8, 2 Timothy 4:3, Jeremiah 29:11, Jeremiah 29:13

James Ashley April, 13th 2020

 James Ashley is 52 years of age. He graduated in the year 2007 and has been a instructor ever since. This Monday night the men of John 3:16 and James started bible study out with the band of John 3:16 leading worship and singing. The first song of worship was Stand in your love, then Build my Life, followed by Oceans. James told the men before he came to John 3:16 he thought Christ was Jesus’s last name. He then encouraged the all the men to get different versions of the bible and a concordance. “If reading and understanding the bible helps me.” “Why wouldn’t it help ya’ll?” One thing is for certain we are extremly blessed to have James as a instructor here at John 3:16. He is full of life, wisdom, and loves helping others.”I tried everything else and nothing worked.” “You’re not at a perfect place, but we teach the perfect thing.” James has dedicated his life to serving our good Lord Jesus Christ and helping men like himself recover from drug and alcohol addiction. He makes serving Jesus and being a Christian fun and exciting. We thank you so much James for touching our lives every day with just your prescence. We the men here Love you!

Key Verses: James 1:22, Genesis 9: 12-17

David Ray April, 6th 2020

 This week graduate in 2009 David Ray 60 years of Age gave his time, testimony, and shared the word of god to the men. David started his bible study out tonight with the song Drenched in Love followed by The goodness of God. Before the next song started he stopped and said “I’ve been right where your at”, then he said “this song means alot to me and I hope it means alot to you.” John 3:16 Click here for lyrics. He plays that song every bible study because “I dont remember the beginning but I know the end.” David had one son he says followed by a short testimony. In his testimony he told the men “The day I got accepted into John 3:16 was the greatest day in my whole life.” “Other than the day I found Jesus.” “If I wouldn’t have came to John 3:16 I would have ended up in jail or prision.” David was a Instructor at the ministry for 10 years where he served on the hospital crew. David gave his life to Jesus Christ and helping other men just like himself know and understand the love that Christ has for them. We thank and love David for all he has done and continues to do for the minstry. He is and always will be a brother in Christ.

Key Verses: James 1:22-24, Romans 12:1-2

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