Michael Veach

Hometown: Little Rock, AR

Department: Print Shop

Date of Dedication: September 1, 2014

Date of Graduation: June 1, 2015

Favorite Scripture: Matthew 7:7

I was raised in a good christian home, raised catholic. I had great parents and brothers. I always felt different like I couldn’t fit in. I tried to fit in by using drugs, marijuana and drinking. I eventually started taking pain pills at twenty-eight and became physically and mentally addicted. After many arrests, many attempts at rehab, lost careers and broken relationships, I realized I had a living problem. I came to John 3:16 on August 14, 2014 and got a relationship with Jesus. I figured out that by letting go of my past and giving it to God that my life suddenly got better. After graduating, I went for a while living a great life but stopped praying and following Jesus. I felt entitled, thinking I had overcome by myself. I returned to John 3:16 in February 2016 and only stayed three months. I got my confidence back and my life felt like it was back in order but I still didn’t rely on Jesus. I was back to using in two weeks which turned into a two year misery cycle. I was in detox in Searcy and called John 3:16 and they came and picked me up from detox. I have been back several months now and have made a commitment to stay on as an instructor. I know now that I can not do anything worthwhile on my own. I must get my strength from Jesus and its taken all that to finally figure it out. I have a ten year old daughter named Ava and she is the most beautiful person God has ever created. I love her but never was a good father to her. I’m praying that God will make me a better person and father and I know that He will because He loved the world to send His only Son to save me.