mcleanz Mark McLean

Mark Richard McLean Sr

Hometown: Gloster, MS

Department: Maintenance

Date of Dedication: 3/30/18

Date of Graduation: 9/30/18

Favorite Scripture: Philippians 1:6

I can testify that scripture is true. God’s call on my life was clearly seen and felt even in the years I lived in my addiction but his mercy and grace pulled me ever so lovingly and kept me throughout all the misery and pain. Now all of my wounds cry hallelujah. He has brought me out of all that do his work here and now. I am surrounded by so many great men- fellow instructors, leaders, and their wives at this ministry and they bless me each day with their commitment to the Lord and these residents. I praise God and look forward to each day with anticipation of what He will do next. We serve a great and merciful God. I am confident in our Lord and Savior Jesus, in what he has done, is doing, and the great things He is going to keep doing in my life and others’ here at John 3:16. What he started many years ago He is bringing to completion by his spirit and I can’t help but praise him! I pray he will and is doing the same for you too! AMEN!