Landon Wise

Hometown: Jonesboro, AR

Department: Catering

Graduated from John 3:16: May 1, 2011

Dedicated life to Jesus Christ: November 17, 2005

Favorite Scripture Verse: Revelation 3:20

I had the best childhood a guy could ask for. I had everything I ever wanted and the best parents and brother anyone could have. Being raised in the church, I always knew the right way, but when I was 18, I took the wrong path. Over the next 8 years I spent multiple times in jail and became a slave to pain pills and meth. I could not function nor enjoy anything without using drugs. On October 3, 2010 I came to John 3:16. My parents had heard about the ministry and I agreed to come, to get out of jail. Little did I know that I would find life and find my calling over the next few months. Two weeks after I came to John 3:16, I gave my life to the Lord and was soon baptized. I believe my parents and my brother Clay have gotten as much out of this ministry as I have. I have had the privilege to be an instructor since the spring of 2011. I get to minister to guys every day and I get to work in Jonesboro a lot, where I get to show everyone what the Lord has done for me!

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