Fultton-1-scaled Fulton County Faith House

In Honor Of

Loren Barton

Corinne and Christopher Agnew

Robert and Mary Anderson

 Roy Barker

Otis and Catherine Busby

Jerry and Sandy Butler

Raymond and Linda Casey

Sandra Clayton

Janice Dennis

David and Laura Eniss

First Baptist Church

Paul and Jessica Garrison

Billy and Sue Gault

Gary and Velma Guiltner

In Honor Of

Steven and Sarah Harber

JM and Nancy Harlow

Raydon and Linda Harrington

Donald and Louise Hayes

Hays Chiropractic Clinic

Hebron Community Church

Glenda and Jerry Hopper

Greg Hopper

Gary and Jodi Howard

James and Marilynn Huett

Heath and Kelli Humphries

Tiger Hurtt

Gayland and Mary Ann Ivie

Angela Jones

In Honor Of

Mark and Pamela Kapshandy


Edward and Lavon Lannoo

Noble and Carolyn Lewis

Madden Sanitation Inc.

Fred and Rae Mahloch

Linda Mattis

Jason and Kelly Miller

Elaine and W E Moran

Wayne and Denise Neal

New Hope Christian Church

 James and Rita Newman

Judy Newton

N Lance and Lindsey Newton

In Honor Of

Barbara Painter

Amanda Powers

Robert and Linda Reeves

Bob and Helen Rodgers

Tom and Pam Romine

Glenda Salmon

BR and TM Self

Bobby and Paige Smith

Robert and Trisha Stafford

Amanda Taylor

Don and Vicki Taylor

George Thomas

Arnold and Virginia Varn

Joe and Valeria Whisenand

Charles and Karen Willett

James and Stacy Woody

All the anonymous and everyone else who prayed