When Jesus was in the garden praying he fell with his face to the groun Matthew 26:39 “My father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will” Jesus was not rebelling against his Father’s will when he asked that the cup of suffering and separationg be taken away. In fact he reaffirmed his desire to do God’s will by saying. ” Yet not as I will, but as you will.” His Prayer reveals to us his terrible suffering. His agony was worse than death because he paid for ALL sin by being seperated from god. The men at John 3:16 unlike Christ live a life full of sin and self-will. When coming to know Christ we understand that the life we were living was leading to death spiritually and physically. Thankfully to Christ we are able to fall to our face and plead out to him forgive me Father let your will be done in our lives so we can put our sinful past behind us and become one with him. We know that Jesus died on the cross. John 19: 17-30. Even while Jesus was dying on the cross he was concerned about his family. He instructed John to care for Mary his mother. Like Jesus’s family was precious to him while going through the most scrutinizing death so our are families. Families are gifts from God and we should value and care for them under all circumstances Just like Jesus. Luke 24:1-12 explains Jesus’s resurrection. Why is it the resurrection so important? Because Christ was raised from the dead, we know that the kingdom of heaven has broken into earths history. Our world is now headed for redemption, not disaster. Gods mighty power is at work destroying sin, creating new lives, and preparing us for Jesus’s second coming. Below is a video of our Easter service praising our new lives and a way of showing our love for our familes. Thank you all for your love and suppport. We love all of you here at John 3:16

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