brent Brent Waugh

Brent Waugh

Hometown: Batesville, AR

Department: Media

Date of Dedication: July 26, 2017

Date of Graduation: January 28, 2018

Favorite Scripture: Isaiah 6:8

Jesus has brought me a long way to say the least. From a selfish life of drugs and sin, to a life of serving others. I was somewhat raised around drugs and hated what they did to my family, but grew numb to it. I eventually gave into peer pressure, which ended up leading up to an eleven year addiction. It took me to a point where I didn’t care about anything or anyone, not even myself. I found myself in a mental institution at twenty-eight years old and thought I would never have a fulfilling life. Thankfully my mom, Lisa, had a good friend at John 3:16 and she began attending their services in 2006. I know I needed to change and in July 2017, she was able to tell me about a place that offers the cure. This led This led me to calling John 3:16 home. I was a resident for six months and then got the honor of graduating as the one thousandth graduate. I felt God calling me to stay and stayed on as an instructor. Being an instructor has been one of the best opportunities given to me. I learned how to give back to a place that gave me life, as well as, how to lead others in the right direction. I am now married to my best friend/wife Amanda, and we share our home with “Scott” our new dog!