My name is Billy Rogers. I am 54 years old and have been drinking and druging for over 30 years. You name it and I did it. In April, 2012, I was coming home around 8 in the morning and there were cops all around my house. I had the person I was with stop and let me out. I ran and called my son and had him come pick me up and left the state. I stayed gone a couple of weeks trying to figure out what I was going to do. After a short while, I started to look at my life and it made me sick. I also started to realize that I couldn’t stand the person I saw everytime I looked into a mirror. I finally reached a point and started to call out to God for help. I believe that He sent me to Bryan at John 3:16. I couldn’t get in because I had so many warrants. So Bryan led me to turn myself in and get these taken care of and to dry out. On June 3, 2012, I had a home for the next 6 months with christian people willing to show their love and help lead me back to Christ. One of my sons went on to follow my footsteps and graduate from John 3:16 and the other from Shepherd’s Fold Ministry. I am truly blessed to have two sons who both pray to the Lord everyday and have forgiven me of the wrongs we once did. I am thankful, grateful, and highly favored.  My prayer is to be a servant and to serve wherever God calls me to be.