Alan Carter

Hometown: Jonesboro, AR

Department: Carpentry

Date of Dedication: 7/4/1972

Date of Graduation: 10/28/2007

Favorite Scripture: Hebrews 13:2

I was saved and baptized at an early age, only 12 years old. I just didn’t understand what making Jesus my Lord and Savior meant. Experimenting with drugs and alcohol led to me being addicted to being high on whatever I could get my hands on. I’m also a 2 time survivor of cancer so the pain medications came in every form of opiate that they make. I was able to manipulate the medical system to get whatever I desired. I obviously couldn’t cope with that at all. I simply got sick of being in that pit and prayed for a better life. I found my new life when I came to John 3:16 in March of 2007. I came back for 4 months in 2016 and now I’ve been at the ministry for 10 months starting in January. I have been called to be an instructor in the carpentry department here and to be a fisher of men. I love being in God’s will!