acuff Adam Acuff

I was raised in a Christian school, home and atmosphere.  I knew God and believed in Him.  I was working as a nurse and things were great.  In 2006 my entire life changed.  After a near death car wreck, my mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and soon after I had another near death accident on a motorcycle. I continued to self-destruct for the next 10 years, not caring if I lived or died. I blamed God for getting me to that point in life instead of getting me through it.  I entered the John 3:16 on April 2nd of 2015 and soon rededicated my life back to God. I realized, although I had known God, I had never truly lived FOR Him.  Since graduating on January 31, 2016, I have been blessed beyond measure and have I have found true life.  I’m got married at The Eagles Nest Lodge on April 8th, 2018 to my amazing wife Becca, who leads me closer to Christ daily. I will always be grateful to this amazing Ministry and my goal now is to lead other men out of the pit I was once in.