I work here in the office at John 3:16. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else on the planet. I had a 16 year addiction that God completely delivered me from through His grace, and John 3:17 Ministries for women. I worked with my now mother in law when I was in full addiction. Her son was an instructor here at John 3:16. I had met him several times while I worked with her and I saw something in him I wanted. He had a joy I knew nothing about. Eventually when my family was at the end of their rope with me they gave me tough love and my daddy did the hardest thing he could’ve done and cut me off financially. I spiraled down very quickly after that.

I went to John 3:17 Ministries in 2013 and my life has never been the same. I found myself in Jesus. I spent a year there learning to see myself the way my Savior does. I went on to work there for a year. Eventually when I was complete in Jesus, He gave me the very thing I had wanted my whole life. I married Landon Wise who has been an instructor at John 3:16 Ministries for 7 years. All of the things I had tried to find so hard on my own, God provided to me with no effort. I got my youngest son Jaydan back and we have an amazing life here. My oldest son, Hunter, came through this program and now has a beautiful wife. They have given me the 2 most beautiful grandchildren on earth. I say I have the best job in the world because every single day I get to see families put back together. Children get their daddies back, wives get their husbands back, and moms and dads get their sons back. I owe everything I have to Jesus Christ and these two ministries.

Jenyi Wise

Administrative Assistant

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