IMG_1456-scaled Andriah Brooks
I learned of John 3:16 Ministries when my husband Sean entered the program in 2012. I was 28 years old and bound in fear. I believed my worth was found in others’ hands and that the consequences of my reckless choices defined who I was. I longed for peace and believed I could find it in physical substance. Anxiety and pride were my rulers. They were in the forefront of every choice I made.

Sean’s choices however ushered in radical change for our family of four. I witnessed a dramatic transformation in him. He showed me what it looked like to surrender. I gave my heart to God and my will for His in 2013.

Today I know I am unconditionally loved. It is an unexplainable love. The weight I carried and the chains that bound me are gone. I’m given the opportunity each day to work beside an amazing group of people. They have shown me, through their determination to do what is good, how to show God’s love to others by serving them.

Andriah Brooks

Administrative Assistant